Improve Your IT Skills

Technology is constantly changing and to be the best possible applicant in this competitive industry it is important that your knowledge and skills are current in order to meet the requirements of your current and next employer.

Amenity Lab (HCMO) recommends that those who wish to improve their knowledge or to gain additional skills of development technologies, please enroll at your local University, College, Business School, Vocational School or Community Training courses that provide technology training.

Employment and Virtual Education Resource Links




Amenity Lab (HCMO) recommends that the credentials and qualifications of education providers (public or private schools) and their instructors be verified prior to registering for courses or instruction.

For example the Province of Ontario has a website which allows students to verify the current information of an accredited school in Ontario. Please click here and find out about your school of interest.

Please visit your local business directory, government services or the Internet to discover meaningful resources that will enable you to enhance your career skills.

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